Who we are

We’ve been designing and building developer adoption strategies for leading web3 organisations since 2015. Through our onboarding and learning journeys, we’ve minted thousands of developers.

Our diverse team covers the whole spectrum of developer adoption strategy and management. We're developers, business strategists, marketers, and blockchain educators.

Who we work with

We are fortunate to have worked with a wide variety of clients and partners from different industries over the past eight years, including ecosystem stewards, institutions, and developer-enabled appchains.

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Our Team

Picture of Damien DucourtyPicture of Damien Ducourty
Damien Ducourty
Founder and CEO
Picture of Elias HaasePicture of Elias Haase
Elias Haase
Picture of Ibo SyPicture of Ibo Sy
Ibo Sy
Picture of Xavier LepretrePicture of Xavier Lepretre
Xavier Lepretre
Picture of Amaury SautourPicture of Amaury Sautour
Amaury Sautour
Picture of Andrew CritchleyPicture of Andrew Critchley
Andrew Critchley
Technical Editor
Picture of Anil ÖnerPicture of Anil Öner
Anil Öner
Senior Consultant Developer
Picture of Citlali Mora CatlettPicture of Citlali Mora Catlett
Citlali Mora Catlett
Senior Project Manager
Picture of Gioele BonifettoPicture of Gioele Bonifetto
Gioele Bonifetto
Software Engineer
Picture of Ursula NeulingerPicture of Ursula Neulinger
Ursula Neulinger
Senior Consultant eLearning
Picture of Luciana BruzanovskiPicture of Luciana Bruzanovski
Luciana Bruzanovski
PA to Founder
Picture of Lucy MeilandPicture of Lucy Meiland
Lucy Meiland
Picture of Maria MontesPicture of Maria Montes
Maria Montes
Head of Design
Picture of Marisol Moreira LaresPicture of Marisol Moreira Lares
Marisol Moreira Lares
Data and Tracking Analyst
Picture of Nihal SalahPicture of Nihal Salah
Nihal Salah
Head of Marketing
Picture of Rob HitchensPicture of Rob Hitchens
Rob Hitchens
Blockchain Developer and Trainer
Picture of Sam SchmeinkPicture of Sam Schmeink
Sam Schmeink
Senior System Engineer

What Drives Us?

We are excited to work with partners who share our core values regarding the ethical and sustainable application of blockchain technologies. Our initial conversations are focused on arriving at a shared understanding of principles and purpose.

We believe in the value of a long-term and whole-ecosystem view

We recognise that solutions based on short-term thinking don't just impact how new technologies are applied, they undermine the potential of the wider ecosystem of which they are a part. This enables us to help you design strong strategic interventions, but it also means taking responsibility for the future consequences of current decisions, and for addressing externalities.

We believe ethics is a moral imperative—and a practical necessity

Decentralised technologies are fundamentally social. Without a shared set of ethics and norms, our experiments in mass coordination are bound to fail. This is true at every level of web3 projects, from programming to governance.

We believe a healthy ecosystem is a diverse one

As any biologist will tell you, a monoculture is an ecosystem on the verge of collapse. This is why we don’t advocate for any one blockchain or protocol. For the same reason, we believe it is crucial to bring a wide range of perspectives and lived experiences to web3. This will only become more important as the industry grows.

We believe in building bridges to other fields

We work to communicate a balanced view of the benefits of web3 to other fields, but also to bring ideas in from the outside. We see this as critical for the development of web3 in the future, as it moves towards more real-world use cases. Likewise, web3 technologies have the capacity to solve many of the gnarly coordination, automation, and scaling problems that plague traditional industries.

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